The World is at hold right now! And so is the Bollywood Industry. Actors are making most of the Quarantine. And to stop the spread, Bollywood stars have isolated themselves like rest others.
However they are making most of their free time at home and sharing it on social media.

There are so many different things with which actors are keeping themselves and their viewers engaged during this unscheduled break. The initial phase of quarantine saw all the actors appealing to people to stay indoors.

Actor Kartik Aryan even gave his epic monologue in Covid language to make people serious of the situation before it’s too late. The video not only went viral among his fans but everybody shared that on their social media.

Then went on actors showing their fitness routine and different types of yoga. Actors like Jacqueline Fernandes, Alaya Furniturewala, Gul Panag, Sara Ali Khan showed how to workout at home. Katrina Kaif did take her fitness routine very well.

She posted a video with her gym trainer Yasmin Karachiwala working out at their respective homes showing people how they can workout at home. Quarantine also witnessed Madhuri Dixit step into dance at home while her son played the instrument for her.

Also, as the maids are on a leave and actors are on their own to deal with their household chores, celebs were seen sharing videos while doing their household chores like doing the dishes, etc.

Another thing which is at rage right now is Tik Tok. From Shilpa Shetty to Raveena Tandon, Bollywood celebrities are uploading various videos on Tik Tok. So it’s not just teens who are keeping themselves entertained during Quarantine.

So many Bollywood celebs are in it too. Movies are definitely at halt because of lockdown but various series are being released on platforms like Amazon and Netflix which are the major ways people look to kill time.

As we are in the midst of the lifecycle of this virus, we hope this ends soon and we are back to going to theatres, watching our favorite celebs on big screen and not on our laptops or phones.