The Year 2020 doesn’t seem to be a great year for planning out any outdoor group events but who can stop weddings? The pandemic is sure going to leave us with second thoughts every time we decide to go out. Because the world isn’t same anymore.

And weddings which take huge planning, weddings planners planning out every detail of your wedding, outfit designers and event managers have all been disrupted badly with the crisis. Post pandemic weddings will see a new trend and some precautions taken henceforth.

It’s not going to be so soon even after the Covid crisis ends that people will travel like they used to. Also because of the travel permits which will be restricted, most of the weddings which will happen after quarantine may have to resort for a digital wedding.

However Digital weddings comes as a bummer only because what’s a wedding without having your important family members by your side. But once we are ahead of the post pandemic stress period and permissible of outdoor weddings, we’ll see a great change in way weddings are planned.

As it took a pandemic to open our eyes to all the non-sustainable ways we were choosing for a better living, there will be a big change in that. We can confidently presume from invitations made from recycled paper, vegan menus that the weddings will happen in a much better way. Lot of couples will be seen contributing leftover flowers to local hospitals and hospices, which will hopefully be a lasting theme.

As Weddings are all about individuality and celebrating who the couple truly is, we can expect food and drink that pay homage to the backgrounds of the couple. Quarantine is giving couples all the time needed to plan out a customized food menu for their big day.

Getting a venue post quarantine doesn’t surely sound easy. Because there are a gazillion weddings which are going to happen. Given that the government will be strict about public gatherings even after pandemic, being so sure that the wedding will take place like it used to be before is a hoax. Quarantine will surely enlighten a different perspective about how weddings can be planned making it an ecofriendly celebration.

Making weddings a zero waste affair while still having a blast will be a popular trend. Nonetheless, we hope that lockdown is helpful for a large number of couples planning weddings in the coming months. As much as couples are expected to use the quarantine to plan out all the elements for their post pandemic wedding, your wedding planners should also have the wedding checklist ready for you.

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Given the significance of a wedding, we dedicate ourselves completely to ensure that your personality is shining through. We believe in taking care of even the tiniest detail to perfection considering a post pandemic wedding. Taking inspiration from your grand vision, we develop personalized designs keeping in mind about a new perspective post pandemic weddings will have.

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From doing the research to managing the budget and working out what to do when ‘Divine Weddings’ will look into all the main things you need to do to pull off a fabulous wedding day. Happy and Safe Quarantine!