When all you got now is ‘TIME’ for your beautiful wedding to happen, couples can make the most of it and get ready for some changes which post pandemic weddings shall see. Let’s decode and put light on the ideas that couples can put to pave a smooth way for their wedding post quarantine.

Knowing the public in securities, venue and travel restrictions couples will face as discussed in the last blog ‘Post Quarantine Wedding’, there is always a bright side to look on. It’s understandable that many engaged couples who had scheduled their wedding between March and December 2020 were forced to rethink their plans because of the virus spread.All you can do now is PLAN BETTER!

a) Every Celebration will be worth after pandemic-
This pandemic would leave but guests will always rethink before leaving for a destination wedding. Second thoughts for a plane ride to attend your wedding will also stay. But so does convenience! Arranging your wedding at local place, feasible for your guests has benefits at both sides, considering easy travel for guests and easy arrangements for the wedding with local food and entertainment. So searching and considering booking for those venues is going to more than important and NOW is the best time to do it.

b) Venue precautions for safer wedding in all ways!
For couples choosing a space widely visited by the general public, like a park, open ground or popular event space, they must be aware of the cancellation rules considering restrictions which could be put any time for large gatherings which could take away your venue and money you put into booking it. For those getting married in busy places of worship, they must be aware of the cleaning procedures, so that everyone can be rest assured of the sanitization aspect.

c) Pick the wedding dates
The world has changed now! So, to travel, socialize and entertain one another will be a big step for everyone. But eventually we’ll get there. The hardships in weddings are going to take a flight in 2021 and couples need to be prepared for it mentally. And so it’s time to pick the dates. Even if it is going to be a small wedding, soon all the dates will be booked. And it’s not going to matter if your wedding lies on a weekend or weekday, people are wanting to be a part of meaningful celebrations after so much isolation. Just getting the dates would be the first thing a couple must look into.

D) Don’t postpone your Wedding Dress.
Everyone in every industry is being impacted now. For now, start shopping online for your wedding dress; start prepping up all the little things for which you might not need to spend your time on later. If you find something you really like, make sure you are booking it so that there is no delay because nothing can surely said regarding deliveries.

E) Wedding planners are your best friends!
There is going to be a steep rise in demand for wedding planners. It’s better if couple find their wedding planner so that they can use the quarantine to plan out everything. Couples who will have found a wedding planner will be in a much better position because there are things needed to be planned differently for a wedding which won’t happen liked it used to.

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Lastly you don’t have a keep your wedding excitement at halt. By planning your wedding and keeping yourself busy with the little details of it, you can surely have fun in the process. Weddings which will happen post quarantine would be definitely a meaningful celebration. Happy and Safe Quarantine!